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Pottery/Shards re-fired


parasol42 wrote at 2013-10-01 17:36:47
You may be alright adding shards as decoration to your greenware IF the clay you are using has a tendency to shrink very little. All clay will shrink as it dries and when its fired  however some shrinks more than others. I have a red groggy clay, its almost sandy texture and I intend to try it with it as I find the pieces are nearly the same size when finished as they are when I start. Good luck, and if I remember to come back to this I'll tell you if it worked.


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Ric Swenson


For nearly 40 years I have been involved with pottery. I specialize in wheelthrown pottery, but spent 12 years as Plant Manager of Bennington Potters, Inc. where I learned all about RAM pressing, slip casting, jiggering, OSHA regulations regarding clay manufacture, safety, etc. I have specific knowledge in forming techniques, texturing clay, clay bodies, glazes and application techniques, as well as firing and kiln building. I do not have knowledge of the values of ceramic works of the past.


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