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gugga56 wrote at 2009-08-21 12:41:22
Wow, the lady asking the question here sounds like a nice, inquisitive, mother and new chicken keeper with legitimate questions and concerns.  You sound like a rude, angry person who shouldn't be answering questions online.  Her question about eating eggs after treating chickens/coop with Sevin is legitimate.  I wouldn't eat them.

D.D. wrote at 2009-08-27 07:09:37
Just read the question the individual had about the lice on her daughter. As I have had a lice infestation with my chickens in the past, I found it interesting. I didn't find any question to be repeated and was offended by the lack of intelligent and decent response.  To say the eggs were O.K. to eat was incorrect. Remember - if it's NOT good to put the insecticide you are using in your own mouth, then don't ever-ever-ever just take your eggs that might have an insecticide on them and use them.  Your egg shells are porous. While the inner lining of the egg may protect the egg inside the shell, you shouldn't take any risks.  As for the insecure, rude individual answering the question, you are a sorry excuse.

conraddalton wrote at 2011-08-08 16:31:06
Perhaps you should have checked the chicken in the first place so that you could have given a complete description.  Why ask a question when you could locate the answer.  You really did cause someone else to take up their precious time in an attempt to assist you.

Good luck with the mite/lice problem.  I have them myself right now and am attempting to find the answer.  

sdjune wrote at 2013-06-01 21:58:27
that was a legitimate question - your answer was very rude - did you ever think that maybe you could learn something new and thus help more people?  

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