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After reading your profile, I thought that perhaps you may be able to answer my question.  It is related to OBGYN and pregnancy, but you may find my question somewhat unconventional or out of the ordinary.  Nevertheless, I will welcome any positive comments that you offer.

I know that it is possible for a guy to have intercourse with his partner when she is pregnant.  If she is near giving birth, is it possible for the semen to enter into the womb (Uterus)? If so, will the semen harm the baby?  I know that the baby is inside a placenta. I imagine that the os of the cervix has began to open so that the semen could easily get into the uterus.  

If you prefer not to answer, just send me a reply indicting that this question is outside my expertise. I get annoyed when an expert on this site takes time to reply by insulting me regarding a question that he/she finds inappropriate.

I thank you for your reply.

ANSWER: First, I'll say that this is not an inappropriate question AT ALL. Its actually a very common question that many pregnant women ask their doctors (and they should!)

Although it is not harmful to have sex during any stage of pregnancy some doctors say for high risk pregnant women not to because towards the end of labor the contracts brought on by and orgasm can actually start labor. Others, however, can have intercourse throughout and most the time it us recommended to retain the bind between the man & woman and also to relieve stress! ;-)

The baby is completed protected inside his or her own amniotic sac. The cervix is also completely closed (a thing called a mucous plug quite literally plugs it) to protect against bacteria and other things. Including semen. The mucous plug does not dislodge its self until right before labor.

Also keep in mind that some women's sex drives are significantly lowered during pregnancy while some women want to gave sex all the time. Its totally normal since their hormones are fluctuating CONSTANTLY. Don't push it or you might end up hurting her already sensitive feelings. If she just doesn't want sex then okay. In a few days she might.

Anyways, if your pregnant wife, girlfriend or whoever wants to have sex while pregnant speak to you guys OB to make sure she can safely have sex and go for it! Also the more the woman shows the less comfortable missionary position is for the woman and the baby. So try positions where no weight is being put on her belly. Examples would be doggy style (behind her) or girl on top.

Good luck.

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I want to thank you for the great reply and for answering my question.  I do have one follow-up question.  How does the mucus or mucous plug stop being a plug so that the baby can be born? Does the baby push it out?

Once again I want to thank your for your reply and follow-up comments!

This is going to be kind of graphic so sorry if you get grossed out!!!

We all know the term "my water broke!" right?
Well usually before this happens the mucus plug thins out and comes out. Sometimes its called a "bloody show" because the mucus is usually blood tinged and pretty icky. Some women don't notice theirs however because their water sometimes breaks at the same time so it gets mixed into the amniotic fluid.

So there ya go =) the more you know!!  

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