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Could I be Pregnant?!/Positive pregnancy test or hopefully a false positive


We wouldnt use condoms and I wasn't on any kind of birth control. We'd literally have sex every single day, sometimes even twice a day. He'd never pull out and would always ejaculate inside me, yet I've never gotten pregnant. My periods have always been somewhere between 1-7 days early or late for years now. So considering the position I've put myself in for the past 9 months, EVERY month I'd always worry about becoming pregnant. Every month that'd pass without me becoming pregnant we'd become more and more sure that it'll most likely not happen. Its a very unhealthy relationship, I went out of town with him for a week and we stayed with his family. Well I ended up doing Meth for the first time while I was down there. At the same time I was having symptoms of my period coming and it was a few days away that I'd positively get it. Within those few days leading up to my period I did speed (Meth) a couple times. We left to go back home the day I was expecting my period and was having terrible cramps and my boobs were so sore so I was just waiting for it to come any moment .. days passed, no period. Still having deadly cramps and very tender boobs. 9 days later I got my adderall prescription filled that I kind of have an addiction to. So 2 days ago I got it filled and the next day from 11 a.m to at least 9 p.m I was poppin a half or a whole one every 2 or 3 hours ( 30mg tablets). That night around 10 I got a 99 cent pregnancy test.. I took it around 1 a.m - 3 hours later- while still continuously poppin my adderall speeding like crazy. Took the test, expecting and hoping for a negative and it came up positive, clear as day. No misread results. It was clearly positive. I don't understand how I could all of the sudden turn out pregnant when probably out of the 275+ days being in this relationship, I've had unprotected sex maybe a little under 200 times.  I know, crazy but very true. So what can explain the positive pregnancy test? Pregnant? Any other possibilities?

Hi Chelsey, I'm so sorry for the delay but I've been sick and unable to catch up on my questions here. So have you found out anything else yet? Are you really pregnant and is there any problems with you having your baby? Please email me at so you can give me the latest updates. I would like to talk to you more in private by email. So write soon.
Bye for now.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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