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Could I be Pregnant?!/Fed up of asking could this be the month!?


Hello, my name is Maria and I am from the U.K, this is the only place so far on the interenet I have found that offers advise an answers to your direct questions. I am 20 years old, am married and have my own house with a spare bedroom. Myself and my partner both have stable, fairly well paid jobs, and I think we are mentally ready for this bundle of joy. The only problem is, we have been trying for a year. Dead on a year. I mean, we haven't been going at it every night, or even charting fertility, I have become a dab hand at recognising when I am ovulating anyway. But nothing seems to happen. Since we have been trying I seem to hVe not had period pain every month, giving me false hope, unfortunately my boobs hurt every month, so I don't even have a give away there. I'm a wondering of I am suffering with chemical pregnancies, as my periods are now very light, and used to be medium to heavy. Also I used to get a fair amount of pain, nothing drastic, but now nothing. Everyone around me seems to be having baby's, and I'm not stressed about it, I understand the chances are slim even if we are both perfect beings, but I am worried. I feel I will be laughed out of the doctors if I approach them because of my age, even though I am potentially more settled, stable and ready then half of the population struggling through pregnancy right now. Help me please, I am fed up of asking, could I be pregnant, to come on 3 days later, unwarned, and lighter than expected each month. Thanks , Maria

Hi Maria, Thanks for your question. I'm sorry for your situation, that you want a baby and haven't been able to conceive. If you have been trying for a year, perhaps one of you is infertile. Your partner (your husband?) could have a problem or maybe you. I think you can go to a doctor and get tested to see if there is something wrong. Sometimes, if you are trying too hard, it is hard to conceive and if you relax and don't think about it, you could get pregnant. I have just heard stories like that. Let me know how you are doing. You can email me privately at
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Oh, and check out and see if that helps any with information about Natural Family planning.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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