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Could I be Pregnant?!/Ovulation or implantation cramps?


Sooo.. I'm a little weird I might be pregnant. And also if I am I don't know which guy it was that got me pregnant....  Usually my cycle is 29-32 days long. On February 23rd (cycle day 10) I had unprotected drunken sex. He came inside me. But when I got my period on march 16th I figured everything was fine.. I mean everything seemed normal and my period lasted 4 days. On march 29th I woke up and my panties were SOAKED. I actually thought I had peed on myself it was so bed. And this lasted the whole day... I also had light cramping throughout the day. On April 1st (cycle day 17) I had unprotected sex with a different guy. But I know for a fact that he not only didnt cum inside of me but he didnt cum that entire day... And I know that the only way precum can get someone pregnant is if the man has ejaculated recently and hasn't urinated. The guy also peed right before we started fooling around. On April 7th (cycle day 23) around 11 pm I started cramping kinda bad. Only on the right side... This lasted til about 2 am.   Would you say it's most likely those cramps were from ovulating..... Implantation cramps or maybe something else? Is it possible to get your period if you're pregnant? And if I do turn out to be pregnant is it more likely the February 23rd or April 1st that did it?   Thanks

Hi Stacy, Thanks for your question. First of all, "And I know that the only way precum can get someone pregnant is if the man has ejaculated recently and hasn't urinated" is not true. This is just misinformation. Anytime you have sex, you risk pregnancy. If you go to a pregnancy resource center and get a FREE test there, they can usually tell you when the suspected conception date is if you ARE pregnant. To find the center, go to or and click on the worldwide directory. Try not to get too stressed because sometimes you can make yourself have symptoms of pregnancy when you are really not. And I can't tell you about the cramps for sure. You might want to consider not having sex right now until you find out what is going on with your body. Please let me know what is happening. You can email me at
Hope to hear from you soon.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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