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Could I be Pregnant?!/What are my chances of being pregnant, if any?


First off I am 20 years old so I am okay with it. My last period was July 6. My most fertile days are the 15-21, and my ovulation day was the 20. I had unprotected sex where he did inside of me on the 17 and again on the 21 & 22 where he also inside of me again. I've had hot flashes, slight cramps, painful joints, bleeding gums, mood swings, fatigue, frequent urination, kind of nauseous without vomiting, constipation , nothing sounds good to eat, heart burn, head aches and VERY tender nipples. I don't start my next period till August 5, but I started spotting brownish/pinkish VERY light on the 27, & still very light bleeding. which is weird because that would make me a week & a half early (never early) and its like 5-10 days after intercourse with him finishing inside of me. So I was wondering if it was implantation bleeding. I took a test this morning & it was negative, but they said I need to take another the day after my scheduled period. But I was wondering what are my chances of being pregnant.

Hi! Thanks for your question.

You could definitely definitely be pregnant. Every month there's around an 80% chance of becoming pregnant if you have intercourse. (that's in a healthy individual with no fertility issues)

If you just started experiencing the spotting the 27th then the HCG in your urine would not be high enough quite yet to get a positive. Usually you can get a positive 5-10 days after the spotting begins if it is in fact implantation bleeding. That mostly depends on the sensitivity of the test. I can tell you from person experience that I got an extremely faint positive with a first response early result about 9 days after ovulation. I went and bought 2 EPTs and 2 more first response and didn't get a positive on the EPT until about 6 days after the first first response. The first responses were all blaringly positive but I'm a testing crazy person ;-)
Those were all with first morning urine too. So, keep testing every couple of days until you either get your positive or start your period. =)

Hope you get it figured out soon!! Good luck!

Could I be Pregnant?!

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I am currently working to obtain a nursing degree and want to continue on to be an OBGYN. Most of my research while being in college has helped me gain an amplitude of knowledge regarding pregnancy, especially the time before you know if you are truly pregnant or not. I am very interested in this time as the first few weeks of a pregnancy can be the most important. I also deal with these types of questions on a daily basis in life thanks to my friends and family. I have a beautiful 5 month old little girl. She took a while to be conceived so I know how it is!

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As I stated in the previous section, I am currently enrolled in college to become a registered nurse and then move on the becoming an OBGYN. Also, as I said before most of my studies, even if I begin on a subject as far off as cardiovascular issues, somehow lead me straight back to pregnancy as I am very interested in the subject.

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