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My question does not directly pertain to "Could I be Pregnant," but it does pertain to getting a wife or girl friend pregnant if she wants.

I was informed, perhaps wrongly, that it was not a good idea to have intercourse with a female during her monthly cycle. I also am aware that midway through a girl's cycle she will ovulate and at this point she is most fertile for conceiving a baby.

So is it okay for a guy to have intercourse with his wife or female partner during her monthly cycle if he wants to take the chance of having a baby if there is no birth control used during intercourse?

I thank you for your reply

I'm kind of confused by your question so I'll answer it widely.

if you are trying to avoid pregnancy there is really no "safe" time to have unprotected sex. This is because women can ovulate at any point. Some women ovulate very soon after they menstruate so if she had sex a few days before then she could become pregnant.
There are certain ways to track one's fertile times but it is extremely difficult and there are actually classes people go to for this!

Just as a general rule never have unprotected intercourse. You never know what could happen!

Could I be Pregnant?!

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I am currently working to obtain a nursing degree and want to continue on to be an OBGYN. Most of my research while being in college has helped me gain an amplitude of knowledge regarding pregnancy, especially the time before you know if you are truly pregnant or not. I am very interested in this time as the first few weeks of a pregnancy can be the most important. I also deal with these types of questions on a daily basis in life thanks to my friends and family. I have a beautiful 5 month old little girl. She took a while to be conceived so I know how it is!

I am a volunteer at the Red Cross when time permits. I am a member of a Mardi Gras organization which takes up what is left of my free time. I am also the owner of ChunkMunk Fluff, a cloth diapering store.

As I stated in the previous section, I am currently enrolled in college to become a registered nurse and then move on the becoming an OBGYN. Also, as I said before most of my studies, even if I begin on a subject as far off as cardiovascular issues, somehow lead me straight back to pregnancy as I am very interested in the subject.

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