Could I be Pregnant?!/can i get pregnant?


i had my period on july 25 and had my first time sex on july 27, then my period ended on july 29. is there a big possibility that i will get pregnant? i don't want to have a child yet since im still studying. and just today, i have very light spots of brownish blood on my underwear. i never had this before, just now. and some slight abdominal aches, but not that bothering. im so worried pls answer. thank youuu

Hi Andrea, How are you doing now? I can't tell you the chances of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, then you already have a child in your womb. Can you take a pregnancy test? You can get a free one if you can find a pregnancy resource center in your area. Try going to and click on the worldwide directory. Hope to hear from you soon.
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I usually recommend to people to not have sex when you're not married. Abstinence prevents sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy problems, heartache,worry, etc. Hope to hear from you soon.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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I can answer questions about pregnancy tests and symptoms of pregnancy. I can offer networking and resources for local pregnancy testing and resource centers. I can answer questions about various birth control methods. If I am "maxed out" you can email me at to reach me privately.


I have one daughter and 7 grandchildren. I have helped women in pregnancy situations and with birth control options for almost 25 years. I volunteer with Austin Pregnancy Resource Center ( and am involved with Hope Connections Pregnancy Resource Center (

Preliminary sonogram training. Some college.

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