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My friend and the boyfriend were romancing,she was wet and he was hard and he ejaculated,meanwhile she was sitting on him with her panties and clothes on,she fears the guy's sperm entered her vagina,she was also ovulating at that time,now she's expecting her menses but hasn't seen it since 13th of this month when the incident happened,her cervix are a little bit open like when u are menstruating but no menses yet,could she be pregnant,if yes any pills to terminate the baby

Hi thanks for your question.

It is *extremely* unlikely for a woman to become pregnant by sperm getting on her underwear. Sperm are very sensitive to their environments and just the fibers and left over detergent would more than likely kill them all before they even reached her labias. Much less traveled all the way into her fallopian tubes.

If she had her period the 13th then she more than likely would not have ovulated until around the 20th. She should be expecting another cycle until around the second week in August. It would be way too early to determine if she was pregnant if she had actual intercourse.

It is also hard to determine if your cervix is "open" without being trained to do so.

There is no such thing as a pill you can just get to abort a baby. There is a few different morning after pills and in most states if you are of legal age you can get them from a pharmacy but they are only to be used in case of an emergency (such as a condom breaking) not all the time and do not abort the baby but try to prevent ovulation from happening.

I would advise you and your friend to become a little more informed about sexual interaction before continuing to have sex. There are much more worse things to worry about when a man ejaculates near your vagina. STDs, AIDs/HIV can be VERY easily transferred this way. He should always be wearing a condom when there will be any kind of fluid/skin contact. This includes during oral and manual sex.

Good luck.  

Could I be Pregnant?!

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I am currently working to obtain a nursing degree and want to continue on to be an OBGYN. Most of my research while being in college has helped me gain an amplitude of knowledge regarding pregnancy, especially the time before you know if you are truly pregnant or not. I am very interested in this time as the first few weeks of a pregnancy can be the most important. I also deal with these types of questions on a daily basis in life thanks to my friends and family. I have a beautiful 5 month old little girl. She took a while to be conceived so I know how it is!

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