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Could I be Pregnant?!/could I really be pregnant?


First let me apologize for the long post and also if this is TMI. In May me and my love were intimate on May 6th and then my cycle came on the 18th of May. I had no cycle the whole month of June which makes me 20 days late. We were also intimate on the 16th of June. My cycle averages 33 days. I have been pregnant twice before so I am familiar with pregnancy symptoms and the previous 2 times I new at 3-4 weeks. I am nauseated( which I hardly every get, other than pregnancy), have horrible acid reflux, no appetite and tired. So my question is could I be pregnant even though I have had 2 negative home pregnancy test? With my first 2 pregnancy I got positives before my missed period. Also, would I have conceived on the 16th of June? This was 4 days before I was suppose to start, Could I have ovulated late? Or would I have gotten pregnant in May and still has a cycle.

Hi there!

Absolutely you could be pregnant. If your period has not shown for this month you should keep testing every two days or so to check for a positive.

Oddly I went through the same thing you did when I conceived my daughter. I missed my period in may and got pregnant (according to ultrasounds) in June. Turns out I had ovulated around when I was supposed to start ny period. Sometimes your body just decides to do its own things!! Based off the date of June 16th if you did conceive you will be anywhere from 25 days past ovulation (if you ovulated the 16th) to 18 days. You should've definitely gotten a positive by now but anything's possible.

You're body may be just acting oddly and you may have not ovulated at all and will skip this cycle completely. You never know.

Hope it all works out. =) Good Luck  

Could I be Pregnant?!

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