Could I be Pregnant?!/Am I still pregnant?


QUESTION: Hi Doctor,
I had unprotected sex during my ovulation and I have been feeling so pregnant cos I have been feverish, regular headaches having pains (from lower part of my tummy to the right side) for almost 3 weeks, been sleeping and also vomited once in the morning. But today, my period comes.  Though i just did a pregnancy blood test and result came out negative. What could have happened?


First, I am not a doctor.

These symptoms could be symptoms of many other things and if I looked at them would not make me think of a pregnancy.
sometimes you just get sick. It happens.

Also, even if you have sex around the time you think you will ovulate there isn't a 100% chance of pregnancy. A lot of things have to line up perfectly for that to happen. You can also ovilate earlier or later and or you would never know.

Good luck and hope you feel better.

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot Brie for the rapid response but I have another question.

How best can I calculate my ovulation period cos my period is very irregular. My period showed up in April on the 18th, May 27th, didn't show at all in June and now it started on the 11th of July which is today.

I really need to know how to calculate my ovulation period as I want to get pregnant as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot.

It is rather difficult to calculate ovulation for someone that has irregular cycles. You may want to consider visiting a doctor and telling them that you are trying to conceive but have irregular periods and need assistance. That's what obgyns exist for =)

You can also track basal body temperatures, cervical mucus and other things of that nature. Try researching natural family planning. They have a lot of good tips on how to take charge of your fertility.

It is a LOT of work to do this though. If you would rather not have you life revolve around temperatures and mucus then just try having sex every few days! Haha. That always works and is way more fun.  

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I am currently working to obtain a nursing degree and want to continue on to be an OBGYN. Most of my research while being in college has helped me gain an amplitude of knowledge regarding pregnancy, especially the time before you know if you are truly pregnant or not. I am very interested in this time as the first few weeks of a pregnancy can be the most important. I also deal with these types of questions on a daily basis in life thanks to my friends and family. I have a beautiful 5 month old little girl. She took a while to be conceived so I know how it is!

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