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Could I be Pregnant?!/Had unprotected sex and missed pills.?


I've been on birth control for about a year and a half. I had just got off my period on the 13th and The beginning of this birth control  pack I started two days late and had unprotected sex both days and my bf came in me because we don't use condoms. I never made up the missed pills I just kept going in my pack. the rest of that week I missed a couple more and continued to have unprotected sex.

About 8 days after (which would be sunday the 21st) I started have small cramps and a little bit of back pain that continued for two days. I started to think it might have been implantation pains. Then the third day I started to bleed a little.

I normally have light periods so it was hard to tell if i was bleeding because of the missed pills or if it was implantation bleeding. The color was like a light pinkish red mixed with some brown (mostly brown) and it was very very light. Do you think it could have been implantation bleeding. I talked to my bf and we wouldn't mind having a baby of our own.

So could I still be pregnant? Or is it my period? It's too early to take a pregnancy test. But could we still be expecting a bundle of joy?

Hi! Sorry for the delayed answer!

If you had unprotected sex and missed multiple pills the missing could have definitely triggered ovulation. So, in short, yes you could be pregnant.
On the other hand though, the missing could also cause spotting!! Super fun and confusing, I know. =)

If this was implantation bleeding you should be able to get a positive somewhere between a few days and a week afterwards. Go ahead and test with your first morning urine. If the test is negative wait a day or two and try again.

If within about a week you continue receiving negative tests I would say it was spotting from missing the pills.
However, if you finish the rest of your birth control and do not have a period test again! It could just be being sneaky =)

Hope you figure it out soon! Playing the waiting game is no fun.  

Could I be Pregnant?!

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