Could I be Pregnant?!/Who is the daddy


f a woman has sex with a man just a few days before her period starts, it is short unprotected sex with no final ejaculation. The woman then starts her period which is a normal 6 day period of normal period bleed.
2 weeks later the woman has sex with a different partner again unprotected but there is ejaculation this time. The woman then misses her period and gets a faint positive on 2 tests.

Did the woman get pregnant during the first act of intercourse or the second? Who would be the daddy?


More than likely the father is the second man. But anything is possible.

When she had intercourse with the first man she had already ovulated and the egg had already died at this point. Which is why she had a period. She had sex with the second man in the middle of her cycle which is when women ovulate.

The only way to know for sure though is to get a DNA test when the baby is born.

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Could I be Pregnant?!

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