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Could I be Pregnant?!/missed period after an abnormally long period


QUESTION: im 26 yrsold. my period on average comes about every 30 to 34 days. I have been recording my periods every month on an app (mycycles) for over a year because I have had what I thought were irregular periods. (come to find out its bcuz my cycle is longer then the avg 28 days.) so in june I had a weird period that lasted about 10 days. it started out normal then the last 3 or 4 days I was just spotting or bleeding lighty. in july around the time my sisters period came (she has hers then mine follows when hers is close to done) I had my usual period symptoms but no period. then my symptoms kind of disappeared. I get light cramping, no boob pain (my boobs get sore before my period and sometimes they don't), slight nausea. I wont throw up but I kind of spit up sometimes. its been about a week since I was supposed to get it. I took a prego test and it came up negative. does this sound like a pregnancy or hormonal imbalance? should I wait and take another test? oh and the last time I missed a period was in april of 2012. but the previous and following month my period was normal.

ANSWER: Hi, thanks for your question.

When was the last time you have unprotected sex?

If you had sex then yes, you could be pregnant. But if you received a negative test a week after your period was due then you most likely aren't. There are many other reasons for a missed period.
- You didn't ovulate
- You ovulated later than usual which will push your period back
- weight gain/loss
- change in diet
- change in life schedule
- stress
- hormones

Etc. It's not uncommon to miss a period. Actually, back before birth control & hormones in all of our meat women would only have a few periods a year! Crazy right? So, unless you miss multiple periods in a row (most doctors will see you if you've missed more than 1) after you know for sure you aren't pregnant I wouldn't worry about it! =)
If you did have unprotected sex though then continue testing every few days until you get your period though. Or visit a doctor for a blood test. Good luck

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yea the test was negative. I took it 2 days ago. and I have been having sex. the condom has broken a few times. I did start a new job from being unemployed for the past few months(started in june but only about 2 or 3 days a week) and my stress levels have not been above the usual. I don't want to trouble my bf if it is a false alarm. and why would my period in june last longer then usual?

The condom has broken multiple times??? That's so super uncommon. Maybe your boyfriend needs to learn about proper condom use! Lol! Seriously though, condom breakage should not be occurring *that* often. Ive been sexually active for 10 years and I've NEVER had a condom break. Crazy right?
What size condoms are you using? If hes using a magnum and isn't *cough* magnum then that can cause breakage. The opposite is also true. Wear what fits! And dont let him keep them in the car or in his wallet or whatever. Friction and heat can degrade the latex and boom, you have a rip on your hands! Keep them in a drawer in a cool dark place. Preferably keep them in the box they come in so there's no chance the packaging can get punctured thus puncturing the condom.

ANYWAYS, when you say its broken a few times has in broken since your last period? Or has he not worn one since you last period?

The reason you had a longer period reason is beyond me. Basically it happened because you are human! =) as long as your periods are lasting extra weeks or ridiculously heavy (think filling overnight pads very quickly) then there's no need to worry.
People change all the time. Just like skipping your period isn't uncommon neither is having a longer/shorter period. Don't let it bother you.

And if you think it could be a pregnancy symptom dont worry- it isn't. PLUS if you DID get pregnant that long ago that pregnancy test you took two days ago would have been ridiculously positive.
If you don't get your period in another week or so test again.

Sorry I can't be of more help but seriously, only a doctor can figure out what's going on in there. And even sometimes they just throw their hands in the air haha.

Good luck hun!

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