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Could I be Pregnant?!/Is it a possibility I am pregnant?


QUESTION: Hey there, I 16 years old, 17 on the 21st of August. My last menstrual cycle started on Tuesday, July 23ed and ended on Friday, July 26th. My cycle is normally three to four days with light bleeding, but heavy cramping and back pain. I have been sexually active for the past seven months. I am not on birth control, and we do not use condoms. I understand how irresponsible that is. He has never 'finished' inside of me, just pulled out. For the past two weeks I have been experiencing a abnormal differences in my body. I have been experiencing an increase in my emotions; getting angry, upset, and frustrated at the littlest things that normally wouldn't stimulate my reactions. Also, I normally have very clear facial skin, lately I have more acne then normal. Not the bulging red 'volcanos,' but white under-the-skin acne. I have been getting random fits that last anywhere between five to thirty minutes where I either feel sick or have a horrible headache in my frontal lobes. Sometimes a combination of both. In addition to those symptoms, I have been feeling random pains in my uterus area. They are sudden and sharp, sometimes sending me bent over until the pain goes away. It is not a cramp, I know that for sure. They happen every couple of hours, mostly a couple seconds after I stand or move suddenly. Though, as soon as they come, they are gone.
I am not able to get an appointment in with the doctors for another two weeks. I just need an opinion from someone who has more experience then I do. Could I be pregnant?


The answer to your question in short is yes, you could be pregnant. Of course. Since you are sexually active and have not been using any form of contraceptive.
BUT since you just had a normal uneventful period 2 weeks ago its unlikely.
If you had sex this cycle you wouldnt even be pregnant yet considering most women ovulate between day 10-14 (so in your case between August 2-5 approx) if you did ovulate a few days ago then the egg wouldn't be implanted (making you actually pregnant) until 5-10 days after that! Lol. You wouldn't be able to get a positive for a few days after that happened.
Pregnancy is complicated. Its amazing we even get pregnant in the first place.

Needless to say, if you feel like you need to take a test.
If its negative you're probably just hormonal. You are still young and going through the joys of puberty so your hormones can swing totally out of whack at any moment and cause pregnancy like symptoms. Actually the same thing can happen anytime throughout your life but its more likely now and after menopause.

Just consider getting some kind of contraceptive. Being a teen mom sucks. All my friends became moms young (between 14-18) and I was the only one that waited. I watched their lives fall apart. Some of them are doing really well for themselves. But unfortunately a lot of them can never stay on their feet...
I know you feel invincible, trust me. Lol. I was there not very long ago. I was in the exact same situation as you and actually miscarried my senior year. It was a huge wake up call.

Take responsibility of your body though hun. Because a baby is a life long commitment that you can just give up on.

Sorry for the lecture I just hate seeing questions like this =/

Good luck though!!! Hope you get it figured out soon. And of you keep feeling off see your doctor of course!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your 'lecture' I need it from someone who knows what they are talking about, iIt truly helps a lot. I read an article and became a worried Wendy. I know right now I am not ready for a baby, if everything goes right, around 25 will be my time to shine!
Along with that, what kind of birth control or other contraceptive would you recomend?

Good! I'm glad it didn't offend you. Its hard to straddle that line =)

It's tough to stay safe. No one *wants* to use condoms or take a pill every single day. Its a nuisance. No one wants to stop in the middle of a super passionate moment to double check if they took their pill or open a package or whatever but pulling & praying only works for so long before there's a slip up. Or before he doesn't move quickly enough or whatever may happen. Trust me. Haha. My 6 month old is currently laying in the bed next to me and is the result of poor cycle charting and the pull & pray method. Oops ;-) but we wanted a baby so it wasn't so bad!


Birth control. I'm not sure how your mom/dad is or what you legal rights are in your state but birth control is pretty easy to get now. With insurance it is free now because of the new health care plan. Taking a pill everyday can be a pain BUT it has actually been the easiest one for me to adapt to. I set an alarm on my phone to go off at the same time every night a 9:30 pm. My curfew in high school was 9 so by 9:30 I was home. I took the pill at night to sleep through the nausea. It worked pretty well but if you fall out of habit its hard to get back into it and I tried a LOT of pills before I found one that didn't give me tons of side effects. But I'm very sensitive to hormones unfortunately.

I was also on Nuvaring. It was easy to use but inserting it was awkward and he could feel it during sex. And then I had an allergic reaction to it!! Eep. It worked well though. In for 3 weeks out for a week start over.

The patch I've heard is nice and easy to use! Never tried it though.

The implant (not the IUD) seems to be popular too also never tried it.

I currently have an IUD that I got 8 weeks after my daughter was born. Mistake. I want it gone SO bad. Sigh.

Then you have the ones you only use at the time like a diaphragm, spermicide and condoms.
Condoms are obviously the easiest to get. Condoms WITH spermicide is bette run case of accidents but spermicides normally aren't used alone. And diaphragms are used in conjunction with spermicide. They literally cap off your cervix. You can put it in a few hours before sex. Then you leave it in for a little while after.
I'm thinking that will be my next form of birth control. No hormones! Whoo. Haha. I'm not against hormones like I said I'm just sensitive to the effects.

Just talk to your doctor and see what will work best for you. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself. Many doctors just force what THEY want on you. But its *your* body. I know they'll just see you as a kid. But you're a smart kid. Don't let them push you around ;-)  

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