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Okay so the first date of my last period was July 27th The last time I had sex was August 11th, but the thing is I've only had sex 4 times ever and it still hurts when my boyfriend puts or tries to put it in we haven't been using protection because I'm so tight so usually he just tries to put it in then gives up because I'm too tense, but it's gotten in a couple of times and then he took it out didn't move or anything while it was in then put on a condom and tried again but couldn't get back in so we just gave up.But what's making me worry is my period is 4 days late the day after I was suppose to get it I spotted a faint and small amount of blood on my under wear so I thought I got it but then afterwards I put a pad on and no blood just white discharge I've been waiting but no more  blood has come I've just  been feeling extremely moody by breast hurt, my back and stomach are cramping my entire body feels sore I feel tired and fatigue real easily I'm having headaches, and my vagina has been super wet even though I'm not aroused.. is it possible that I could have gotten pregnant by pre-cum ? or am I just overreacting?

Hi Rae,

More than likely you are not pregnant. Funny story but condoms and the "pull out method" actually have close to the same rate of success
Condoms, when used *perfectly* have a success rate of about 96%
The "Pull-out method" when used perfectly has a success rate of about 94%! Crazy right?
And when you add in the people who didn't use the condoms or pullout method correctly (is wore two condoms, or had sex again soon after ejaculation) the success rates went down to about 80% for condoms and a little less for the pull-out method.

Weird right?
Basically, there is zero scientific proof that sperm exists in pre-ejaculation. Most doctors suspect that it is only in the urethra immediately following sex and dies soon after.
Me and my fiance actually used the pullout method along with the rhythm method to prevent pregnancy for more than 3 years. The only reason I have a baby now is because he had um... Pleasures himself, a few minutes before I came home to "last longer" and didn't tell me *_* men! Lol.

BUT, you still shouldn't have sex without a condom, I'm not saying you should. STDs are transferable by gential contact alone no sperm needed. And if you and your boyfriend are not both 100% virgins (and boys LIE lol) then you're at risk.
Embarrassing but I actually got Chlamydia from my current boyfriend. He had only had sex once before when we started dating and supposedly used a condom but, men lie. =(
I didn't find out until I went to my first prenatal check up. I had NO symptoms and neither did he. it was extremely embarrassing and I cried so hard. A course of antibiotics cleared it up but I was scared the whole pregnancy I still had it and was going to pass it to my baby. Chlamydia can make a baby go blind if it gets in their eyes :'(

So even in a committed relationship you can share things you dont know you are sharing with each other. Just keep that in mind.

If you're stressed, had a change in diet, lifestyle, sleep schedule, weight gain or loss- pretty much anything- it can delay your periods. There are also theories that when women first start having sex the hormones in their bodies go insane! Haha. So that may explain your symptoms. You can also trick yourself into acting pregnant if you worry about it!

So take a pregnancy test. Since you are late it would definitely be positive by now. If it's negative you can move on and when you chill out your period will probably start.

As for the "not fitting" are you "excited" enough? Because a vagina can accommodate some pretty large objects (think a baby's head) that's what it's meant for. If you and your boyfriend will slow down and relax and be patient things will work out. Extra lube never hurt either ;-)
Good luck. And be safe!!! ^_^  

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