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QUESTION: So the first week in the beginning of my birth control pack I started two days late and had unprotected sex. Then I continued to miss pills throuought the rest of the week and still had unprotected sex. After the first week I stopped taking my birth control pills because of the chance I could have been pregnant. I had some spotting about 8days after having unprotected sex. I thought it was implantation bleeding its been about a week since then. Could I be pregnant?..

ANSWER: hi, thanks for your question.

Yes, if you had unprotected sex then you could definitely be pregnant.
Normally you can get a positive 5-10 days after implantation bleeding so if that's what that was then I would try to take a pregnancy test.

In the future though, do not stop taking your birth control if you miss pill. You need to make up for the pills to prevent yourself from ovulating. Stopping is actually making the chances of pregnancy higher. You may not have been pregnant and then got pregnant because you stopped. Birth control will not hurt (or abort) the fetus so unless your doctor tells you to continue to take your pills. (not now though since you've already stopped) and wait until you miss a period to test. Now you more than likely WILL miss a period regardless if you are actually pregnant or not.


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QUESTION: Well today I took a clear blue birth control test right in the morning with first morning urine. And it came out as not pregnant. Could it be acurate. I'm 5 days late from my period. But could the test be wrong...?

ANSWER: If you're that late then its unlikely that you are pregnant. Digital tests normally show positive around your missed period or a few days after implantation bleeding.

But since you stopped taken your birth control your entire body will be completely thrown out of whack. You may want to consider the bleeding/spotting you had to actually be the withdrawal period since your body was confused when you stopped the pack.

Contact your doctor and make sure its ok for you to start back on the pill now or see if they want you to wait until your next actual period. They may even want to see you.

Good luck

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QUESTION: Okay so I started taking my birth control again this past Sunday. But I still can't shake the feeling of being pregnant. I have headaches all the time, I'm emotional, I get nasaua from time to time. And I'm hungry ALL the time. The Clear Blue pregnancy test i took last week was negative. But it was bought sometime last year. That date of expiration was 12, 2013  but I wasn't sure what that ment. I only took that one. Could it have bee wrong. Could I stil be pregnant? Also I appreciate all your help.

Its unlikely the test was wrong this late in the game but of course there's always a chance. If you feel like you need to go take another test. It'll give you piece of mind.

The body is an amazing thing though Alyssa.

If you keep thinking about being pregnant and have that stress/fear/excitement or whatever emotion your body will begin to ACT pregnant. Its kind of like a placebo effect.

There was actually a woman that was brought in claiming to be 8 months pregnant and in labor. When they couldn't get the heartbeat on the Doppler they took her for an emergency C-section.
The cut her open, open her up and there's no baby!! She was actually homeless and had been raped and believed she had gotten pregnant. Since she was homeless she had zero prenatal care and the er just took her word for it since she even looked pregnant.  Her abdomen was distended like a pregnant woman's would be. That's an extreme case of course. But it's easy yo freak yourself out in the  This also happens in female dogs very commonly. Once one female becomes pregnant the others pick up on her cues and act pregnant too. When the actually pregnant female has her babies the other females begin lactating just as the real momma dog does.

So yeah. Our brains are insane...

On another note, getting on and off birth control has the exact same side effects as being pregnant because of the hormonal shifts.

Don't psyche yourself out. =)

oh and the pregnancy test expiration date means it expired in Decemeber of this year. So it was still good.  

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