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Me and my boyfriend were in the shower and he ejaculated on my stomach and the water washed it down to my vagina. I was on my period the day before and a little that day too but it stopped the next day. It's been two weeks since then and this last week my stomach has had aches all the time and I've felt bloated all the time and I'm getting cramps. Also each time I eat I feel sick. I'm really worried I could be pregnant but I don't understand how if I was basically on my period when he did it. Am I pregnant?

Don't worry. You're not pregnant.

There's literally NO way (even if it was possible to get pregnant the way you described) that you would be experiencing such strong symptoms yet.

Lets say you're an average woman with a 28 day cycle. You would ovulate 10-14 days after the first day of your period. Unless your period is 10-14 days long you wouldn't have ovulated for a few days to a week later.
It then takes anywhere from 5-10 days for the egg to implant into your uterus and for you to officially BE pregnant. And then a couple of more days after that to get a positive on a pregnancy test. Hence why they say to wait until you miss your period to test.

So if it's been 2 weeks since the incident and lets *just* say you ovulated 7 days after the incident. *if* the egg was fertilized you may not even BE pregnant yet.

I'd also like to mention that viable sperm only lives for 3-5 days in your body. Sometimes if your boyfriend has SUPER sperm 7. And that's with a perfect ejaculation inside your vagina.

Since he did it on your tummy in the shower I'm gonna assume there was soap involved. That would've killed them almost immediately. If that didn't get them the additives in water and the temperature would. And then any little guys that were left over got washed down the drain.

Sperm are extremely sensitive to heat and chemicals.
the trip to your fallopian tubes is a treacherous one. 95% of them don't make it.
Make that trip longer and more dangerous and you end up with lots of dead sperm.

The symptoms are most likely in your head because you're stressing out or fearing being pregnant. Psyching yourself out. People do this all the time.

Good luck.  

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