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QUESTION: Started spotting a week ago, a few days later it turned more to drops. I was concerned it could be implantation bleeding, but got a negative test. I stopped talking my birth control because of all this. Its been four days now since, no period still, and now today had a stringy tissue like clot. Still getting negative tests though. Could I be pregnant?Just too early to detect or something?

ANSWER: When did you stop taking your birth control? When did you have sex? Did you use protection? Were you taking your birth control correctly before?
Sorry so many questions but I need a lot more information here. =)

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QUESTION: I stopped taking it four days ago, and haven't had sex since. The last time I did have sex was about three weeks ago, with my ex, who I had done it with quite often, and sometimes I would forget to take my birth control, but would once I remembered to. I also feel nausea and some fatigue, I really feel like I could be pregnant but don't get why its coming back negative.

If it's been 3 weeks I think it's unlikely they you are pregnant. More than likely the symptoms you are experiencing are a mix of the fear of being pregnant and you stopping your birth control.
since you stopped your BC you may or may not get a period this month. And spotting while on the pill (also known as break through bleeding) is very common.
I would call your doctor and see when you need to start back on the pill. This will help get you back on track. You could also request a blood test to be super sure you aren't pregnant.
In the future though don't stop taking your BC unless your doctor advises you to or you get a positive on a pregnancy test. Stopping will only confuse your body further and depending on the last time you had sex (say if it was just a few days before) you could actually cause yourself to become pregnant by stopping.

Good luck!

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