Could I be Pregnant?!/I think I'm pregnant.


It's been six days since I had sex, and we did use a condom but I've just felt sick to my stomach, and whenever I try to eat something it just tastes weird like the texture and the smell is stronger. I've gotten headaches and my right boob is kinda sore. And when I wiped from using the bathroom I noticed a little light brown/pink spotting. And I'm having some lower back pain also.

Hi Lindsey, Sorry for the delay in getting your question. Has anything happened since you asked me the question? Did you find out if you are pregnant? You can go to a pregnancy resource center and get a FREE pregnancy test done. To find a center near you, go to or and click on the worldwide directory. The symptoms you describe do sound like they could be pregnancy symptoms. Hope to hear from you soon. Email me at

P.S. Will it be a problem for you if you are pregnant?

Could I be Pregnant?!

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I'll be on vacation for a few days. You may email me at if you need to talk during this time. Please be patient as I will be out of town for a few days and may not be able to access email.
I can answer questions about pregnancy tests and symptoms of pregnancy. I can offer networking and resources for local pregnancy testing and resource centers. I can answer questions about various birth control methods. If I am "maxed out" you can email me at to reach me privately.


I have one daughter and 7 grandchildren. I have helped women in pregnancy situations and with birth control options for almost 25 years. I volunteer with Austin Pregnancy Resource Center ( and am involved with Hope Connections Pregnancy Resource Center (

Preliminary sonogram training. Some college.

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