Could I be Pregnant?!/Pregnancy symptoms?!


Three and a half weeks ago, I had protected intercourse and from the best of my knowledge the condom did not break, and everything stayed inside of it when he came but I decided to take Plan B just in case. About two weeks after taking the pill, I had a period that came a day earlier than normal and had a pretty steady flow for 2.5 days. However, it was not as heavy as it normally is as I usually have VERY heavy periods. I have since then taken multiple pregnancy tests at home as well as one at the doctor's that all have come up negative. However, I have and a steady headache since my "period' ended, along with some excessive burping and indigestion/heartburn....I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the past so I'm not sure if they are symptoms that come along with that or if they are pregnancy symptoms....Could I still be pregnant?!!! I am terrified....

Hi Steph, How are you doing now? I hope everything is ok but yes, you could be pregnant. I can't tell you but I would encourage you to go to a pregnancy resource center and get a FREE test there. At some point you will either have your period and be normal or you will develop pregnancy symptoms. I can't tell you for sure if you symptoms are pregnancy or they could be the anxiety disorder. So let me know what happens after you go to the pregnancy resource center. Go to or and click on the world wide directory. Write me directly at

So hope to hear from you soon. Oh, and P.s. there really is no such thing as "protected" sex. There have been recent studies that show that condoms are not 100% safe in preventing pregnancy.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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