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Hello first of all I have a virgin girlfriend and all of this happened when she was on her ovulation cycle of her period , we were at my house and making out then we got naked and we had oral sex I cummed her mouth but she spited out most of them to my penis then we cleaned it with a good napkin then she cleaned her self, maybe after 30 min from this we started making out touching our selves and "I started to touch my penis's head, up and down her vulva may be for 10 seconds" I was wondering can she get pregnant with the semen which stays in urethra after ejaculation" I did not pay attention if I head semen in my urethra or not , she took morning after pills anyways , So what are the changes of her getting pregnant?

I just got your question from the question pool. Did you find out anything yet? Probably there is only a small chance of pregnancy. I would never recommend anyone to take the morning after pill. Please read about this at
So let me know what happens. Please refrain from this kind of activity if you don't want to have problems. Are you thinking about marriage? Write soon.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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