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Dear Carie,

I'm 19 year old virgin Female who has oral sex with her boyfriend and occasionally dry humping with two layers of clothing between our genitals.

I've been experiencing nausea for 3 days, that comes and goes. Lasts longer at night or late afternoon (around 4pm-6pm). Also, I've been experiencing no appetite since day 2. and Last night, I didn't like the smell of the garlic bread when i went to have dinner with the family. I felt like puking, went tot he toilet, freaking out, because the symptoms are really similar to pregnancy. So I forced myself to vomit (which was the first time) and in result out of fear I didn't want to eat and lost my appetite ever since.

I don't have diarrhea but I do fart and burp a lot. Also, the amount of stool, is small and around 3-4 droppings. I don't know if I'm being paranoid and been too cautious over my urining times,but I think is more, I although I originally have a small bladder.

Day 3, my vagina has been getting wet. Not in a hornish way. But I have not vomited once except when I forced myself to last night.

Now I'm really scared I might be pregnant but I dont think its possible. Here are some reasons I think this is happening to me after my research:-

1. I have been freezing and thawing the same chicken 2-3 times, and then cooked the chicken while some parts are still frozen. I started getting nausea without motion sickness after I cooked the chicken in Day 1.
2. Anxiety and stress from hiding from my father about me having a boyfriend and it got more after he suspected and me being this way make me more anxious. So, its a psychological effect.
3. I really am pregnant.

Why do I think I'm not?
1. I had my period, not spotting. 2 weeks ago. Lasted 3-4 days.
2. 2 days-a week before my period, I dry humped him naked. He didn't cum, plus he was wearing boxers and another piece of clothing was between our genitals.
3. I took 1 pregnancy test this morning. Negative results.

From these observations and research. What do you suggest I do? And What do you think the reasons are? Is it possible for me to be pregnant in this situation?

I don't think it is very possible that you could be pregnant with what you have told me. I know for sure that you can think you are pregnant and cause yourself anxiety and pregnancy symptoms. I have known this to happen to someone I know. Why do you have to hide your boyfriend from your father? Please write me at so we can talk more. If you have a pregnancy resource center in your area, you can go there to talk to someone and have a free test. Check out and see if there are any centers near you. Write me soon.

Could I be Pregnant?!

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