Could I be Pregnant?!/Spotting ??


katlyn wrote at 2013-01-15 04:57:54
I am 16 Yeats old. I  also had an ectopic pregnancy March17 12012 I new I was pregnant. I had bad pain in my lower belly. My boyfriend tock me to the er and I was in there 10 mins and they tock me back for emergency surgery.  

Could I be Pregnant?!

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Hello, my name is Sabra. I am a OB/GYN and have been so for 12 years. I specialize in anomalies of the uterus, pregnancies(single and multiple gestations), and in birth control. I am ready and willing to answer, to the best of my ability and experience, your questions.


I have practiced for 12 years in hospitals as the resident OB/GYN and also have a private practice that has been operating for 9 years.

M.D. OB/GYN, Ph.D. Biology with an emphasis on female anatomy and reproduction

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