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Hi Doctor

I Had an achilles tendon surgery 5 weeks ago and 2 days before and 3 days after surgery I had normal sexual intercourse with no problems, but since then I have had sexual intercourse about 4 times and on all four times I would suffer from premature ejaculation only being able to last for approx. 1 or 2 minute's. I try masturbating in the morning and having sexual intercourse in the evening but that only makes it harder to get an erection and only help for a minute or so.
I was given an general anaesthesia during the surgery and pain killers codeine for 3 days after, and had to take tinzaparin sodium an anti blood clot injection for 21 days. I was wondering if this could have any effect and is there any solution to this problem ? thank you very much

Hi Tyrone,

First off, I have to let you know that I am not a medical doctor. I have helped many men overcome premature ejaculation, but these were and are cases where the man does not have a medical condition; he needs to retrain his mind and body to last longer, and that's what I teach.

That being said, I can speak from personal experience and tell you that if I am suffering from any sort of physical pain e.g. from a fresh sports injury, it can interfere with my ability to get and keep an erection, or to last as long as I wish. This is probably down to my mind being focused on the pain rather than sexual arousal. This could be the case for you here, or it could be the medication. Some medications are indeed reputed to interfere with sexual function.

I would suggest talking with your doctor (primary physician, or the physician who prescribed the painkillers , or even the pharmacist) to check if these painkillers are known to have effects on sexual function.

If it turns out that there is no link, and we can't blame the medication, I would be happy to answer any other questions you might have about what your next steps might be.

Hope this helps,


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