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Im tired of trying to sift my an answer through everyone else's problems. So my question to you, what exactly is premature ejaculation? And how do I know if I have It? I am a virgin,but I do not last very long when grinding with clothes on. -Jo

Hi Jo,

The medical community defines premature ejaculation along the lines of "ejaculating before your partner has been fully satisfied".

I don't like this definition, because it assumes that (i) your partner is going to be satisfied every time, which is impossible, and (ii) it doesn't take into account your own level of satisfaction with how long you have lasted.

Generally, if you yourself are not happy with how long you last (no matter how long that is), then you can view this as premature ejaculation. It's as much about its effect you as it is about the effect on your partner. That said, most people who seek a solution to the issue are having an orgasm within a couple of minutes of arousal, and would like to last longer.  

As a virgin, now is the ideal time for you to get this handled. Premature ejaculation can have a devastating affect on a man's confidence, both inside and outside the bedroom. If you can get it handled now before you start having sex, you can save yourself a ton of work and strife down the road.

Following extensive research, I have created a system that allows you to increase your sexual stamina, to the point where you can choose (yes, you get to decide) when you orgasm each time around. It works on the man's beliefs, biology, and lifestyle, and the results are lasting. You can find out more at The Forty Minute Lover.

Hope this helps,


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