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I have been seeing my girlfriend for over a year now and my problem with premature ejaculation has not got any better. Many times, I reach climax within 1 minute of sex, sometimes a lot shorter. I last a lot longer while receiving oral sex, which confused me. I have tried Kegel exercises, but wasn't very good at doing them for a long period of time. I also tried masturbating more, which also hasn't helped. Is there anything that you would suggest that would help me last longer? Exercises? Diet? Something mental?
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Hi JJ,

First off, you're not alone, and you've nothing to be ashamed of. Premature ejaculation is widespread, and becoming more prevalent as the world moves faster and faster and stress accumulates in men.

You mention that you can last longer during oral sex - this is normal (happens to me too). I believe it's because (i) we are more relaxed and (ii) there is no pressure to "perform".

In the vast majority of cases, there is nothing physically wrong with the man. When he takes steps to:

(i) Rewire his attitudes around sex
(ii) Alter his lifestyle while boosting his masculinity
(iii) Train his physiology to relax and have more control
(iv) Learn a small number of powerful sexual techniques

then he is on his way to being able to last as long as he wants in bed. I go into each of these aspects in much more detail in my 40-Minute Lover system, but for now, here are some steps you can take immediately to begin lasting a little longer:

(i) Begin to notice to where you hurry around in your life without paying attention to your body or you mental state. Start slowing down. Walk, talk, and do everything in a more purposeful, definite manner. As you do, start paying attention to your breathing. If you are going a couple of hours without noticing your breathing, something is wrong. Take a couple of minutes several times throughout the day to become aware of your breathing, and slow it down each time. Breathe as deeply as you can - you should see your belly expand as you do so.
(ii) If you masturbate, begin to do so with a lot more attention. Slow it right down. Explore the sensations you are feeling. Don't hurry to an orgasm. Allow yourself to get erect. Then allow your arousal levels to drop, then repeat. Vary your strokes. Try not to fantasize too much - focus only on the physical sensations.
(iii) Start to visualize your ideal sexual encounter. In your visualizations, you are not nervous, you are in control. Feel the sensations in your body as you visualize, and relax any areas that might get tight (such as your belly or chest). See yourself lasting as long as you want, confidently and calmly. See yourself having an orgasm when you want to, not when your body wants to.

I hope this has been of some help JJ. These suggestions may help you a little bit, but in order to fully deal with your premature ejaculation, and make it stop, you would really need to absorb all the teachings in The 40-Minute Lover system.



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