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Thanks David the answer u provided was things that i tried before.  Now my only problem is that i can only last for 3-4 mins during intercourse.  Are there any other methods to hold my ejaculation?!

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my name is jon and im 20 years old.  I am concerned about the fact that im not a circumcised man and if circumcision has anything to do with my problem, early ejaculation.  I tried masterbating but i just cant control my ejaculation.  I was wondering if this has anything to do wid premature ejaculation too.

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Hi Jon.  These are 2 seperate issues.  I was never circumcised and I am very happy with my penis.  In fact I am so glad my foreskin was left intact.  It actually allows a type of masturbation not available to circumcised men.  Pulling the foreskin back to expose the glans or head, then pulling it over the glans, repeating this action over and over is a very natural and satisfying way to masturbate and it does not require any lubrication.  Also it is convenient when you want to apply any cream or gel to your penis.  Just retract the foreskin and apply a liberal amount, then pull the foreskin back into place to hold the gel where it can do some good.

You may want to see a doctor, but here are some practical and natural remedies for you to try.

Premature ejaculation can be dealt with.  Overcoming it is a learned behavior.  It takes some time and effort, but believe me  its worth every minute you put into it.  To overcome this problem, you need to do 2 things.

1) Do a relaxed masturbation exercise.  Take a shower to relax. Lay on your back and touch your body all over in a relaxing way.  Rub your arms and legs and your body in general, taking deep breaths to relax.  Be sure your stomach muscles are relaxed and your pc or orgasm muscle is relaxed(this has to do with kegel exercises; do them when you are not involved in sexual activity).  Now continue by touching your nipples to begin a slow arousal.  Rub inside your thighs and rub overy your scrotum and penis but this is not a masturbation stroke.  

Remember to breathe deeply during the whole exercise.  When you feel just a little bit of arousal, stop and squeeze your orgasm muscle, then rest with your hands beside you for a minute, take a very deep breath, relax your stomach muscles and then continue. Do this at least 5 times. --the object is to slowly become aroused without ejaculating-- The more you do it the more help you will receive from it.  Work up to 10 or 12 times in a session.   

You can do one of these sessions twice a day or twice a week.  The more you do, the more quickly you will see improvement.  Expect some improvement after 6 weeks.  Don't try to evauluate before that.  Continue the sessions until you get the results you want during masturbation.  Then when you have sexual intercourse the same improvement should be evident.  

2) Buy some aveena sativa from vitamin world.  Theirs has a great formulation of herbs(includes ginseng).  Follow the directions on the bottle.  After 2 weeks, start taking 3 capsules before you do the exercise.  L-Methionine is another supplement that may help you.  And do Kegel exercises every day.

Everything I am telling you I have done and have gotten good results myself.  Be patient and persistent.  


Jon, you may have tried them before but you need to keep doing them.

Persist, practice the relaxing masturbation, do kegels every day.  Keep it up Jon.  Dont quit.

You will see gradual improvement in intercours if you will do what I suggested.  PRACtICE MAKES PERFECT!

you are on the right track.  Hang in there and you will be staying on her longer and logner.


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