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I am 32 year old women and married for 7 years with two kids. My husband is 37. We used to have a good sex life though our sessions were short. for the last few months i noticed that he could not hold his erection for sufficiently long. As I approach orgasm he loses his erection ending both of us dissatisfied. Off late he started showing less interest in sex probably for fear of non-performance. I have noticed that he masturbates secretively to release his sexual urge. Is there any way to prolong erection. i have heard of soem creams or spray which could be used for the same. Is it available off the shelf. If not How can we improve our sex life. Please advice me.


Pauline, yes you can find help for you and your husband.  You are both too young to let this keep you from enjoying sexual satisfaction.  

First, he really should see a doctor.  If he has no physical ailment that is causing this problem, the doctor can give him viagra or one of the other pills available now.
They are somewhat expensive.  If you have good insurance it helps.

After he sees a doctor to rule out physical problems, I can recommend some natural things available off the shelf.  Arginine gel helps me.  I use it and it really does help keep my erection full and strong.  It is rubbed on the penis a few minutes before you have intercourse with him.  You can use it too by the way, if you are interested.

Another thing he can try is yohimbe tablets or capsules.  Be careful as it can increase blood pressure.  He should take a half dose the first few times to see how his body reacts to it.  Yohimbe will cause the blood vessels that go to his penis to open up and allow a firmer erection when he is excited.  It is a natural herb.  

I really like to use a product from Swanson vitamins called longjax.  It will give him more pleasure during sex and should help his erection too.

If you have questions about any of these please ask.  I will try to respond as soon as possible.  

Now I want to ask, how are you doing?  If you are getting close to orgasm, and then having to stop, how are you  handling that?  I am not trying to be nosey, I just think you need to take care of yourself until we can get him fixed up.  Let me know how I can help.

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I can answer questions from men and women on this topic. If you suspect you are experiencing premature ejaculation but are not sure, I can clarify for you. If you want to overcome this troubling problem, I can describe exercises that will definitely help you. I can also suggest herbal supplements that help you stay in control. I can give you examples of techniques you can use to extend your sexual pleasure for as long as you like. You CAN determine when you ejaculate.


I am experienced in herbs and other supplements and I have gone through a mild case of premature ejaculation myself. I have absolutely no problem with it today. If you want help please ask.

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