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I would like to know how you can help with my premature ejaculation. I usually don't get to have intercorse because I ejaculate before this can happen. I'm very sensitive and easily aroused this makes me finish very quickly. I also don't seem to have an orgasm. I don't feel much of anything even during ejaculation. I've been doing pc exercises but still waiting to see if that helps. So I either have very weak orgasms so I don't feel anything or I'm not having them. I'm not sure which. So any help you could provide would be appreciated. Thank you, Mark

Answer -
Hi Mark, keep doing the pc exercises (kegels).  That will strengthen your orgasm muscles over time.

I wish you had told me how often you masturbate, but do this for me.  I want you to get relaxed and quiet the next time you masturbate and start very slow.  Now, the object of this exercise is not to ejaculate at all.  I know, thats no fun, but you need to do this.  Start very slow, breathe deep and relax your pc muscle and your stomach muscles.  When you feel aroused stop and breathe deep and  be sure you are rexaxed.  When you start Mark, dont even touch your penis at first.  Touch your testicles and your thighs and your nipples and face and lips and just breathe deep and slow.  This is to help you gain control.  AFter you start to masturbate your penis, stop each time you get close to ejaculation.  You will have to think about it constantly.  DO NOT EJACULATE, ok?  Try to do that 7 times.  After that if you feel the need, go ahead and enjoy it and ejaculate, but keep breathing deeply.  Do this and get back to me.  Use my email if you like:

Also get some avena sativa, a natural herb and follow the directions on the bottle.

I wish you the best,

Let me hear from you,

Thank you for the timely response and information. I've tried doing what you have suggested with no noticable results. I don't masturbate much because I don't feel anything so it's not enjoyable. How long does it take to see some results from doing the exercises? So you don't think anything is wrong with me such as a prostate problem for example? Doing the start/stop and the exercises are what I need in your opinion. Just some more information, I have had this problem for as long as I can remember, I'm 38. Thank you for your help, mark

Answer -
If you think have a prostate problem you should see a doctor.  YOu are still young and you can change the behaviour of your sexual release, change your sexual gratification pattern.  It is  a process.  It may take 6 weeks to strengthen your pc muscle to to the point where you begin to get control of your ejaculation.  And there may be more to it than that.  

Questions for you:  Have you ever had enjoyable masturbation with orgasm?  If so, what percentage of the times you masturbate or have sex?

Have you tried this?  Masturbate and ejaculate, then continue slowly masturbating again, being careful to relax and feel the pleasure.  Dont hurry, just make it feel good.  It may help you to gain control.

answer to you question,
I never that I know of, had enjoyable masturbation/sex. Me and my wife have sex about once a week. I just don't get physical enjoyment out of it. This is something we have talked about quite often, we are very open with each other. I have no problem ejactulating I just don't seem to have an orgasm.  

Go ahead and take the avena sativa or maca root.  The maca will improve the feeling and may allow you to orgasm.  

You need to practice masturbating very slowly, taking deep breaths.  RELAX is the key word.  The objective is to keep from ejaculating for 10 minutes.  Then let it go.  You will have to STOP many times in the process.  Thats ok.  Stop when you need to so you will not ejaculate.

Let me know how you do.

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