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sir i am 29 year old unamried man.i am sufering from premature ejaculation. i canot go more than 1 minute( when i try my own on my bed imagin tht it is a lady).i knew that it is not easy to cure this problem soon. i hv the plan to  marry within six months . i am in a completly depressd mood. sir, is there any way to make a women satisfy without penitrating long time. can i use finger instead of penis to make her satisfy. if not i will extend my marriage. pls tell me sir. do i want to wait more time to marry or can i give satisfaction to her in this condition? i will be thankful to u if u help me.

Yes, it is possible to satisfy her with your fingers and with your tongue and mouth.

 Meanwhile you can begin to work on your difficulty.  To begin with please do this.  Lay down  and relax by rubbing your body and face, not your penis.  Then rub your testicles and your nipples for a while, rubbing your legs and arms and inside your thighs.  Now gently hold your penis and stroke it slowly, not a masturbation storke, but just pet your penis and breathe very deep and slow.  If you feel you are close to ejaculating, move your hand away and breathe more deeply then begin again.  Do not allow yourself to ejaculate for at least 10 minutes the first time.  If you will do that I can help you learn to hold your ejaculation for longer periods of time.  Let me know how it goes for you.

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I can answer questions from men and women on this topic. If you suspect you are experiencing premature ejaculation but are not sure, I can clarify for you. If you want to overcome this troubling problem, I can describe exercises that will definitely help you. I can also suggest herbal supplements that help you stay in control. I can give you examples of techniques you can use to extend your sexual pleasure for as long as you like. You CAN determine when you ejaculate.


I am experienced in herbs and other supplements and I have gone through a mild case of premature ejaculation myself. I have absolutely no problem with it today. If you want help please ask.

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I prefer not to divulge specific clients, but I have helped 1 man other than myself and I am currently working with another.

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