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kc wrote at 2008-11-29 16:07:13
i believe that you are 100% wrong on what you said the catholics believe. i am catholic and we do recognize baptism as a whole community. and its not about the gifts! how dare you knock the catholic faith. are you a christian because if you claim to be one you have some serious work to need to start by talking w a priest and get yourself some knowledge on what the catholics believe.....

arliebird wrote at 2015-04-27 13:39:12
I am a Catholic Grandmother who was searching for information on Presbyterian Christenings as our first grandchild will be Christened in one month in our daughter-in-law's Presbyterian Church.  I was taken aback with your statement on Catholics regarding Baptism as an opportunity for a party and gifts.  Although my sons had Godparents, our church community had an important role in their religious upbringing as well.  At Mass, on Holidays, during Special Services, etc., they were influenced/guided by the church community gatherings.  My sons respect their Godparents and see them as part of the fabric of their soul.  I am glad my daughter-in-law does not share your opinion.


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