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Angela Harkins wrote at 2013-02-24 07:59:39
I disagree that there are also many Catholic denominations as well.  

the World Christian Encyclopedia obviously uses a very liberal definition for a denomination.

The problem is that the Catholic denominations that the Encyclopedia lists are not denominations at all, but different Rites within the Catholic Church.    

A Rite in the Catholic Church does not constitute different doctrines or dogmas.  The Catholic Church itself has no division of doctrine whereas in Protestantism, there are many doctrinal differences between Protestant church denominations.  Each Protestant Church proclaims itself as a “church” with doctrines that are the opposite of others.  

There are also no opposing Churches within the Catholic Church that is united with Rome.  This means that all those who are separated from Rome are not considered to be a Church in the literal Catholic sense, with the exception of the Orthodox Church that still has apostolic succession and maintain the validity of the Sacraments.


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