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Vernon Sansom wrote at 2013-02-06 17:24:49
This answer is not entirely accurate. The quotes from the website are easily misconstrued. If you were to read our Confession of Faith and Constitution you would have an entirely different view.

Our COF, when talking about marriage consistently refers to one man and one woman. We will not ordain active homosexuals as ministers and are not to allow active homosexuals in leadership positions.

As to the medium theology, it is medium in comparison to ultra Calvinism which states that a sovereign God chooses who will be saved and who is to be lost and extreme Arminianism that asserts that man works out his own salvation and God has nothing to do with it. CP's believe that God is sovereign and offers free grace, not irresistible grace, to which sinful mankind must accept or reject.

As to being diverse, we have many people in our congregations who have come out of many other denominations because they felt their denominations strayed from Biblical truth and found it in the CPC.

As to "A Mixture of Traditionalism and Openness," that is not referring to openness of lifestyles, but we realize that while the message of the Bible does not change, the manner in which people receive that message does. We want to share a saving message that work in real life.

I would be more than happy to send you a copy of our Confession of Faith if you would like.  

cpminister wrote at 2013-04-06 19:16:43
Hi Caleb.  This information is not correct.  We are not one step behind the PCUSA.  The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has become even more conservative over the years.  It has never been liberal.  Those who tended to lean towards liberal theology have usually left our denomination to become a part of the PCUSA.  The subject of homosexuality does not even come up because the Bible condemns it.  I would prayerfully consider visiting one of our congregations if their is one near you.  


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