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Dear Chris,
 No, I'm no Satan lover. I love God, Truth, the Light, Divine Love, and so forth, but I have this question about Satan's role. Why would the gatekeeper of hell not simply befriend and help escape all those being punished? Unless, of course, Satan is an agent of God playing warden.
 Since all names and forms are emanations from Universal Consciousness, even Satan owes everything to God.
 Since Satan is the personification of separateness, delusion and ignorance, and God is Oneness, Enlightenment and Knowledge, then this fantastic movie, this fantastic cosmic drama of good verses evil and the struggle to reach Unity Awareness would not be possible if God did not employ the greatest villain, Satan, to play his role.
 So is Satan a devotee of God? Is Satan only doing his job of helping God keeping this fantastic movie going? And why isn't Satan imprisoned in hell? Why is he always free to do his thing? See my point in all this?

  Take care.


Your picture of God as Universal Consciousness and everything else as emanations from that UC is not particularly Christian. In fact, it is the sort of wrong thinking (heresy) that the early church countered in gnosticism.

I highly suggest that you spend time with a local pastor who can walk you through developing an idea of who God is and how God is categorically distinct from the cosmos before attempting to figure out Satan's role in God's created order.


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