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Hello Pastor G,
I began studying a book on social science research methods. According to the book, one of the components that helps a researcher to decide whether to do a quantitative or qualitative research is his or her philosophical worldview; I agree with that.

Moreover, the book introduces some worldviews such as postpositivism, social constructivism, reflexivism, pragmatism, etc.

Well, I never studied philosophy, and now there is this need for me to choose a worldview in order to do research in my field.

For example, the book doesn't exhaustively introduce the worldviews, but does mention that postpositivism does not believe in absolute truth. As a Christian, I believe that it is not a good school of thought because it would deny absolute truths that we, Christians, believe in, such as the existence of God or the resurrection of Christ.

I believe Bible believing Christians should honor God through the teachings of Scriptures.
From a philosophical and biblical perspective, how should I go about choosing a philosophical worldview?
Generally, from what school of thought are Christian philosophers from?


Well, Nathan, I'm glad you asked an easy one (LOL).

Everyone has a worldview, it's just a question of whether or not one is self-conscious about it.

It's probably a good idea to stay away from a "pre-packaged" worldview, and instead help to self consciously develop your own.

For doing that, I can't think of a better author to read than C.S. Lewis (not this book or that book, but all of them). Lewis came to Christ from a convinced atheism, and his treatment of Christian doctrine is not always mature (for example, in "The Problem of Pain" Lewis says he disbelieves the doctrine of total depravity, but when he explains what he means by total depravity, it's evident that he doesn't understand the Reformed doctrine (the totality of depravity is that sin has tained every faculty of body and soul), and confuses it with absolute depravity (the idea that human beings are as bad as they can possibly be).

If you don't get bogged down it the details, however, Lewis will help you to bring into sharp focus a worldview that you already have as a Christian, but may not be fully aware of.

Best to you on your journey!


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