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Tracy Andrews wrote at 2009-05-07 12:38:55
I also have a ten dollar banknote, with elvis presleys face in the centre from 1974. It states that it is legal tender but it also states that it is a federal reserve note. It is a large note same as the one stated. Dont know the value of it, but would like to know, if you could help. Thankyou.

Geoff Kirby wrote at 2013-08-26 09:58:46
I have exactly the same ten dollar note, but it's VERY difficult to find anything out about it - the fact that it was produced in '74 must be a clue.  Most Elvis bills appeared after his death in '77 for sale purposes, but this '74 bill appears to be shrouded in mystery.  Someone, somewhere must have the answer surely.....

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