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Senior from Shreveport wrote at 2011-02-23 23:06:41
I find Lucy de Barbin's story believable,  I lived in Shreveport during the time Elvis performed there, & was acquainted with DJ Fontana & James Burton, never talked to Billie Jean Horton but saw her many times at Hayride.  Heard a lot of rumors about Elvis.   Don't know why "they" have disappeared, but don't give much credit to Priscilla or Lisa Marie denial or dismissal.

Beverley wrote at 2011-02-27 19:54:59
am very sorry but i don't beleive  lisa marie & her mother they don't want to beleive in the truth maybe they need to meet them have a good talk maybe lucy can tell them a few things about elvis they they know would be true about them with each other . lucy knew a lot about elvis so she has no need to tell un true  things about the relationship & the daughter they had together the truth hurts but is the truth i do beleive her story  

Ian mackenzie wrote at 2013-01-18 21:48:55
I have been an Elvis fan for a number of years. I have read several books and article on his life.  only recently read Lucy De Barbin's "Are You Lonesome Tonight". This story has the sound and feel of someone who is telling the truth.  Much of what Lucy says is corroborated by knowledge I have gleaned from my readings. I have aloes been a professional Elvis impersonator and have a feel for Elvis. As far as I am concerned Lucy was Elvis's true love and Desiree is his daughter, case closed.

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