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Ok, I know about how he died of a heart attack in the bathroom but I just want
to get this straight... I've heard that he kind of crawled a little ways in the
bathroom and he broke his legs. Also that he had bit his tongue very deeply.
Please give any more info you have on this and if the breaking of the legs and
tongue thing is true. So did he just kinda crawl away from the toilet? Maybe
trying to get help?

Elvis died a tragic and sad untimely death. He was suffering from extensive physical exhaustion and a myriad of medical problems and was being over medicated dangerously by his personal physician who later lost his license. I could not give you the details of is death, but there is information written by Joe Esposito about it. Some fans are skeptical because Joe changed his story. I would believe Nancy Rook, the housekeeper who was there, but are now dead. I am not sure I would believe anyone else.The autopsy is sealed. The important thing is to honor Elvis' life. The tragedy in his death is that Lisa Marie lost her father at the age of 9, was raised in Los Angeles which her father never wanted, and became the product of that environment.
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