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I know that Elvis employed family members to do various jobs throughout his musical career, do you know their names and job titles?

Hi Bubba! You may already know that Elvis took care of his own........he employed MANY relatives. Some probably would not have had jobs if not for Elvis ...including his own father Vernon Presley. Vernon was his financial manager. His maternal first cousin Billy was part of the Memphis Mafia, served as a bodyguard and helped take care of fact, he washed and dried Elvis' hair hours before he died. Elvis in turn took care of Billy and his wife Jo. They lived on the grounds of Graceland in a mobile home furnished by Elvis,drove vehicles purchased by Elvis and went on vacations paid for by Elvis. I believe Billy loved Elvis. Billy also represented Gladys in a way for Elvis. Other cousins including Harold worked for Elvis . Elivs employed the stepsons from his father's second marriage as well. He had at various times mobile homes in the back lawn for friends and family. Many who Elvis supported only wanted more and resented him when they didnt get more.
Uncle Vester Presley was proud of his famous nephew and many remember this if they met him when he was the keeper of the Guardhouse at Graceland. Elvis' double first cousin, Patsy Presley G.,was secretary and was the messenger of his tragic death for several when he died.
   Grandma Dodger and Aunt Delta didnt work for Elvis,but lived at Graceland until their deaths even after he died, a provision he made in his will for them.
  Thank you Bubba! Visit again.
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