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As recently as yesterday, there is someone posting on elvis videos he is alive and 100 percent dna proven. I wrote to this person, asked what proof he had, I used to belong to AllExperts, I quit due to stupid people, anyway, his response was Linda's website. The links don't work on the main page, it hasn't shown me anything I didn't already know, what is your take on this? The you tube person also says he is living in Oregon and pictures of him with his grandson have surfaced. I have read everything out there, I must have missed something because in my eyes there is no proof, there was a huge reward posted, why wouldn't someone collect?

Hey Karen. As you well know, this is a loaded question! There are many who wonder and many who believe Elvis is alive or was alive until 1998. I think you answered your own question! We all wish there was still someone on the planet like Elvis;but there just isn't except through the memories, the music and unmistakable voice,the youtube images and movies that keep him alive in our hearts and minds' eyes.
   We could discuss this in more detail, but I believe he died becaue he would never have put his 9 year old daughter through an ordeal of believing and grieving her father's death. Of course, there is a more scientific explanation.
 Let me know what you think! bt

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