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hi patrick..i know i have touched this subject before..but i feel like it was not answered...why did elvis take antidepressants??also you had said that he was not on any drugs..opiates..befor the aloha show..elvis on tour he was stoned. and did you see him in the interview for the aloha show months before..yes he spiroled out of control after that show..mainly because priscilla filed for divorce on his birthday jan.8th 73. and i still believe it took opiates and barbits in the late 1960s..TCB......doug


I have answered your questions, but I get the feeling you didn't like my answers, so you are asking again.

"Elvis On Tour" was filmed in April 1972, and most if not all accounts tell us that Elvis stayed off drugs just before the Aloha show, which was 9 months later.  To say he was not using drugs "before" the Aloha show means he was not using drugs in the immediate time frame leading up to the Aloha concert; it does not mean he was not using drugs in April 1972, which I never claimed.  So you cannot compare drug use here from April 1972 versus January 1973.  Completely different context/meaning.  Simply, the time frame of "Elvis On Tour" is not the same time frame as "before the Aloha show."

Prisclla did not file for divorce on Elvis's birthday in 1973.  Elvis filed for divorce on August 18, 1972.

You are welcome to believe anything you want about Elvis's drug use.


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