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this will be my last question on the had said that elvis did not use drugs up until the aloha show..but he was stoned during the practice show jan.12,1973...just saying that he never stopped using..but on the big night he toned it down...why did you become a fan so 49 and was a fan since 73..TCB...this is an important subject because real fans live in denial...not many people know that he was shooting up in the last year of the book ELVIS WHAT HAPPENED??..a great more talk about drugs,,but i feel important.and i am very satisfied with your answers..

I wasn't there, but the people who were around Elvis at the time said that he laid off drugs in the time period leading up to the Aloha concert.  I can't make it any clearer than that.

Who says he was "stoned" during the rehearsal show?  Who says he "toned it down" for the "big night"?

"Shooting up" is a term that has a very negative connotation, and suggests heroin use.  Elvis was not "shooting up" drugs like this, but syringes were used for pain medications.  Whether there were necessary and/or administered according to his doctor's orders is another topic altogether.

I have read every book that addresses Elvis's drug use, and have done my own research.


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