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Hello. I was wondering if you caould tell me who left who? Ive read that Priscilla left ELvis for her karate insructor, Im not sure of his name but then i heard Elvis left anf filed for divorce. do you know what story is true? thanks

Hello there,

Priscilla was the one who left Elvis on 2/23/72. If it was for another man-she only knows that. She was involved with her Karate Instructor by the name of Mike Stone. Elvis then filed for Divorce in July of 1972. Their divorce was final on 10/9/1973. The remained very close friends until his death on 8/16/77.

"Our divorce came about not because of another man or another woman, but because of circumstances involving my career. I was gone too much." ~ Elvis Presley

Source: Peter Guralnick, Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley

I hope I answered all of your questions :)

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