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QUESTION: I am looking for a buyer for Elvis music decanter.I have several and the seals have never been broken on them. One is the silver anniversary decanter.Even is someone would know the president of an Elvis fam club that I could get ahold of to see of they have any members that collect Elvis things.
         Thank you
         Judy Bernard

ANSWER: Hi Judy,

Lucky you, to have the decanters. This year is the 35th anniversary of Elvis' passing. Memphis is going to be overloaded with more than 125,000 fans from around the world from August 9-17, 2012.

Should you want to set up a booth at the convention hall to showcase your decanters, I am sure you have a VERY likely potential to sell-out. Fans plan and save $ for years, to spend in Memphis on Elvis memorabilia, and buyers will be buying.

Another option might be to showcase the decanters at Vernon's house behind Graceland, but the vendors there get somewhat less traffic than the convention center, which will house the likes of Alfred Wertheimer and other collectors and celebrities who knew Elvis.

Also visit Facebook and join the many Elvis groups there. There are more Elvis groups there than for any other celebrity. Ask the owners if you might feature the decanters for sale there. In fact, you are also welcome to join my group and post the decanters on display there, on FB at Elvis Aficionados.

Don't also rule out Craigslist and E bay. Elvis fans seek out collectibles everywhere.

Best to you, TCB

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QUESTION: I live in Arizona so its difficult for me to go to these conventions. If you know of any peole interested in the decanters would you please give them my e-mail address so they can contact me. It's        I am sure there are people out there but I don't belong to any clubs so its hard to find these people.
         Thank You,
         Judy Bernard

Hello, Judy, I cannot list all the clubs for you. There are thousands.

I gave you several to look into, which would  have lead you to many more, but yourself have to do the joining and searching yourself so you will see which ones appeal to you and your focus.

Even the uninitiated can put their items on E Bay and Craigslist, and search Facebook for Elvis Groups. Simply Google "Elvis Fan Clubs" and you will have a lot to keep you busy. Best to you,

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