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QUESTION: I read Lucy's book. I am confused. In the book Elvis' ex wife writes he did not want to be intimate with her after childbirth because she was now a mother. In Lucy's book, she's with child, married, and has other children. He is said to hate the infidelity of his friends in Lucy's book but he is with her and she is married. Lucy talks of Linda being only a nurse for him, yet she decorates the mansion, makes all the concerts with him lovingly holding her close. One more confused thought is why a woman would give up the rights for her daughter to know her father she professes to love so much just so he can be "King". Is she for real or just stupid.

ANSWER: Hi Danta,

I will try to answer your question the best way I know how. First, not only Priscilla but other women that were in Elvis's life made the statement that Elvis had a problem with being intimate with women after they had had children. I have done some research on this and have found that alot of men have this issue. The best way I know how to describe it is they feel like once you have had a child, you are a mother and this part of you is sacred. Per my research, it is not "normal" to feel this way but it is a complex that some men do have. To my knowledge, Elvis never had a problem with infidelity for himself. He felt like being promiscuous was justified for himself because of his lifestyle, but when it came to his women-he did not tolerated it. When he found out that Priscilla had been seeing Mike Stone before they were separated, Elvis wanted to put out a "hit" on him. As far as Linda Thompson, he was more than a "nurse" figure to him. He and Linda had a relationship from 1973-1976. Many people that were part of the "inner-circle" have said that out of all of the women Elvis had been with, Linda was the best for him. She took care of him, tried to get him healthy again by changing his diet, getting more excersize, etc... She also saved his life on more than one occasion. Once, Elvis fell asleep while eating an apple and started to choke. Linda was there and removed the apple from his throat.
I'm not clear on your question about a woman not allowing the father of her child to have rights. Who are you speaking of? Please clarify that and I will answer it for you. Thanks for your questions and I hope my answers were helpful. Thank you :) I personally think the Lucy's allegations are completely false. There is no evidence as of today that proves that Elvis Presley fathered any other children other than Lisa Marie. I guarantee that if she could prove that Elvis had fathered her child,she would have been public with it immediately and did whatever test was needed(DNA)to support her claims. I believe she is like many others who were/are very quick to make false claims and conjure up stories about so called relationships with Elvis when he is no longer here to defend himself or tell his side of the story. I hope this answers the last part of your question. Thanks for the ratings, If I can answer anything else for you, please let me know.

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QUESTION: If Lucy did love Elvis so much, would keeping her daughter a secret not kill the love affair? From what I have read all points to Elvis being very much about family. She writes in her book that so many betray him and somehow this seems to be the ultimate betrayal. Was Elvis not the doting father to his known for sure child? This part isn't a question but I have to say if anyone thinks they want to buy this book Lucy wrote.....don't. Buy the Thorn Birds and get the same story.

I totally agree with everything that you are saying. Personally I would not seek to find truth in anything she writes. I think it is all a fabrication. I do have a suggestion of a book to read if you haven't already. The title is "Careless Love" The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. The author is Peter Guralnick. It is a step my step, very detailed recap and his life from 1956-1977. The author has interviewed dozens of people who were a part of Elvis' inner circle and they are included in this book. I've read probably every book in existence on the subject of Elvis and his life and this book, by far is my favorite.

Have a wonderful day :)

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