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I was just wondering, a question I'm sure millions of fans have asked a celebrity!  I'm a huge fan of Elvis, as most of the world.  I have been to Graceland 5 times, I just love everything about him and his family.  I am only 29 and was never alive when Elvis was but am still a huge fan.  My second child is named Nolan Presley:)  If he was a girl, she would of been Presley Ann.  I love Priscilla as well and wondered if there was any way to meet her or possibly see her.  Maybe I could follow up on when she will be at Graceland but before I die , my wish is to meet Priscilla!

Hello, Brittany,

Priscilla likes to be very private so the best chance to meet her is to plan on attending one of the main Elvis Weeks, like the 35th, 40th, etc., where she is in attendance as is Lisa Marie. On the 30th, she herself did a private tour for 25 of a lottery-winning group of Graceland tour ticket holders to also tour the stables with her. She also was present at the Peabody to have Elvis' name placed on the sidewalk.

In addition if you go to, you can write a note to those who correspond there with fans, and they often deliver messages to her, but as for a definitive way to meet her without fail, that is a difficult thing to do. Even at the Peabody she was surrounded by a few guards who whisked her from one place to another and didn't let many in to even say hi. Lisa is slightly more approachable on memorable dates for his birthday and anniversary.  Also, though Lisa and Priscilla don't do to these, the Univ. of Memphis does a favorite event each year - inviting all who knew Elvis personally to speak. Often for the major years, the group is a stunning mixture of characters, and really rewarding and everyone gets a chance to meet them afterwards because they stick around for that very purpose, as Elvis always wanted to do but never could.  

I would write and ask your requests - you never know what upcoming promo you might be added to as a possible contender to meet them.


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