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Back in 2007 somebody named Mel answered a question re: Blue Guitar.  I, too, found this song in an Elvis songbook.  Mel said it was never recorded by Elvis, only by the songwriter, Sheb Wooley.  I've hunted online for an audio version, but can't find one done by ANYBODY.  Got any idea where I can find this?


Hi Mike,

The only recordings of this song that I know of are Sheb Wooley's, which appeared on the MGM album "Sheb Wooley" in 1956 and was issued as a single in 1964 release, and a 1992 recording by The Brother Boys. The Justin Hayward song is a totally different one.

"Blue Guitar" was never recorded by Elvis Presley, but the publishing rights may well have been owned by one of Elvis' publishing companies, hence its mistaken to be included as one of Elvis' recordings. You could research Elvis publishing rights and see if you can locate what publishing company owns this song. There are no soundtracks in existence(to the public anyway) of Elvis singing this song. I hope I answered you're question to your satisfaction. If I can help you with anything else, please feel free to ask.



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