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Hi Sherrie,
in your opinion why all these rumors on Elvis' death as a fake? You said that Elvis would never hurt Lisa neither his fans. I think to be sincere that not all rumors are just rumors.Rumors are too many for not to believe that exist a little of truth. I think of an agreement got in family, maybe my heart want to live with this hope but I am feeling that Elvis is still alive.

I'm sorry...but I still believe, whole heartedly, that Elvis passed away.  There are many rumors about a lot of different subjects when it comes to Elvis...they are not all true.  It is only wishful thinking that Elvis had faked his death. If he did not die in 1977, there is no way he would have been able to stay hidden from everyone in the world for all this time. He was one of the most photographed people in the world and he was known all over the world. So I believe that would have been a feat that could not have been attained.

I would love to believe as you do...then our hearts would not be broke..and we could imagine him having a long, happy life. :)  

Presley, Elvis

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I'm sorry, but I can't answer questions on the value of Elvis memorabilia...I have a vast collection of things...and they are all priceless to I never look for the value of an item. I cannot validify or counter the authenticity of any Elvis item or memorabilia....But I will glad to answer any question about Elvis and his life. I have "studied" Elvis since I was about 8 yrs. old. I am now 44. Have been to Graceland several times and try to go every year for the anniversary. In my spare time, I am all over the internet looking for anything to do with Elvis. My family calls me an "Elvis freak" instead of a fan...I`m very proud of that title...ha. I am not really into dates of song releases and such as that, but if you need to know anything about Elvis`s life, right down to what his mother called milk, I can answer just about anything. However, I cannot answer questions as to the value of items you may have. I loved Elvis very much and care deeply for his memory and will always be respectful of that as I would hope everyone will.


I am also an Elvis expert on have loved Elvis for about 35 years now, although he died when I was only 12, I am now 44 and I have learned just nearly everything you can possibly think of about the man that is in print or on film.

I am an Elvis Fan Club president and member of many online Elvis fan clubs.


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